Top 10 Indoor Garden Kits

The Best Indoor Garden Kits For At-Home Plants And Herbs

The Best Indoor Garden Kits For At-Home Plants And Herbs

Spending more time at home this year has transformed many of us into proud plant parents. But for others, trying to flex a green thumb has been a bit more of a challenge. If you fall into the latter category, we've got good news. Ahead, we're sharing the secrets behind how to grow an indoor garden, how to care for an indoor garden, and the tools you need to get growing right away. Skip the cost of purchasing your favorite (and typically quite pricey) herbs and avoid your weekly trips to the crowded grocery store when you plant and plug in these indoor gardening systems vetted by our data-driven algorithm, which finds top-rated and highly-reviewed products according to shoppers just like you to bring you the best of the best. 

This list of the top indoor garden kits also includes a variety of smart garden and LED garden sets that make year-round gardening effortless and mess-free. From beginner gardeners to seasoned plant people, these indoor growing kits are the perfect way to practice your horticulture skills and serve up fresh produce right from home. Scroll ahead to check out the best smart gardens and indoor garden systems from brands like Aerogarden, Modern Sprout, Uncommon Goods, and Click And Grow! Opening image: uncommongoods.com

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August 12, 2020

Written By:Meredith Rimmer

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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Modern Sprout Indoor Garden Kit
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Modern Sprout Indoor Garden Kit

LOVED FOR: This hydroponic mint garden kit includes all the items and nutrients needed to enjoy fresh herbs without having to get your hands messy.

FUN FACT: These seeds are organic and non-GMO.

Mr. Sprout & Co. Flowers Seed Starter Kit

BEST FOR: This seed starter kit is ideal for first-time gardeners. 

USERS SAID: "I love this kit. I planted mine maybe three weeks ago, and I'm already seeing a few of them grow! It was very easy to set up, the included dirt pellet thing was much better quality than other kits I've tried, and in my experience so far, they seem to be great quality seeds! I can't wait to use my herbs."

Planters' Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit + Herb Grinder

LOVED FOR: The simple maintenance, easy-to-follow growing guide, and affordability

FUN FACT: This herb growing kit and grinder is made in the USA.

Hydrofarm Box Kit Hydroponic Salad Garden

WHY YOU NEED IT: Skip buying salad mixes from the store! This indoor salad garden is designed to grow fresh greens up to 30 percent faster than when planted in regular soil, so you won't ever have to skip a nice Caesar.

HELPFUL TIP: This garden can produce greens in both indoor and outdoor light.

Torchstar Plant LED Kit Indoor Herb Grow Light

BEST FOR: This elegant and compact plant kit is perfect as a gift or to add a minimal touch to your kitchen.

WHAT IT DOES: Using a series of LED lights, this indoor growing kit does all the work of the sun for you. Simply turn the lights on and allow your herbs to bask in the light until time is up.

Uncommon Goods Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

USERS SAID: "Love this product so much. The jars are so cute and the herbs grow so quickly! I love that the care for them is minimal."

LOVED FOR: The vintage-inspired planters, easy growing system, and quick results

Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse

BEST FOR: This portable growhouse is suitable for plant parents of all experience levels. 

LOVED FOR: Take your growing techniques digital with the help of an accompanying Modern Sprout app, which shares pairing recommendations and customizable programming to best suit your plants.

Click And Grow The Smart Garden 9

WHY YOU NEED IT: Designed to help you get growing right away, this smart garden kit includes mini plants that produce fresh greens and produce in as little as a few weeks.

FUN FACT: This garden kit can hold water in its reservoir tank for up to a full month.

Aerogarden Harvest 6-Pod With Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

LOVED FOR: The easy-use controls, full-spectrum lighting system, and rapid, natural growth results 

HELPFUL TIP: This LED garden grows up to six plants at a time.

Click And Grow The Smart Garden 3

BEST FOR: This smart garden is the perfect at-home alternative to buying expensive herbs from your local grocer. 

USERS SAID: "Such a great product! So easy to pop the pods in. Just fill with water and turn the light on and I had tiny sprouts beginning in less than a week! The herbs grow so quickly! I’ve already had to transplant to a bigger pot and start new herbs. I use my herbs weekly and they continue to grow. Love this product!

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