Top 10 Bermuda Shorts

It's Time To Retire Your Short-Shorts and Get On Trend With A Pair Of Bermudas

It's Time To Retire Your Short-Shorts and Get On Trend With A Pair Of Bermudas

This just in! Bermuda shorts are back. Or maybe they never went away, but they're getting some serious upgrades this season. If you just aren't sure that this knee-length cut will be flattering on you, we highly encourage you to check out the many different options that follow. Some knee-length shorts are cut so cleverly that they look akin to skirts, while others follow the line of your leg with precision and, dare we say, extreme sophistication. If you don't like showing too much skin in short-shorts, you're going to love mixing these into your wardrobe when the temperatures really start to rise and you need a bit more breathing room and a little less fabric. This season, Bermuda shorts made a serious comeback thanks to the biker-short trend featured on Insta-stars such as Kim K and Bella Hadid. Below you will find a range of styles to flatter any body type from slim and sleek to relaxed and casual. Pair your new Bermuda shorts with flat slide sandals for a casual look or heeled sandals for an evening on the town. Either way, you're sure to love this new trends that offers cool comfort and style! Opening image:

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April 24, 2019

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