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Top 10 Swim Floaties For Kids

Baby, Toddler, And Kids Floaties For Safe Swimming This Summer

Baby, Toddler, And Kids Floaties For Safe Swimming This Summer

Summer means pool parties, weekends at the lake, trips to the beach, and more water activities filling the long days. And while your little one may seem to sprout fins this season, be sure that they're safely swimming with the perfect set of floaties. Whether it's their first summer in the pool or they've leveled up in swim lessons, we have something for your little mermaids and mermen at every level. From life jackets and trainer vests to puddle jumpers and float disks, this list of the has it all. While these provide an extra layer of support and swim training, be sure an adult is still with your child at all times. These swim floats, though great for helping your child become comfortable in the water, are not life-saving devices nor do they replace adult supervision. What're you waiting for? Check out this Top 10 list for the best swim floaties for kids. Opening image: amazon.com

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June 20, 2019

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Speedo Water Skeeter Personal Life Jacket
Rank & Style Approved


Speedo Water Skeeter Personal Life Jacket

LOVED FOR: Parents love the extra support for their kids. The foam tubing around edges promotes flexibility and range of motion while your child is active in the water.

USERS SAID: "My 4-year-old needs help floating but the freedom to move to apply swimming knowledge--this is awesome! It's also coast guard approved which helps in the strict pool rules environments. The clips on the side and the bottom makes on and off easy wet or dry. Definitely room to grow into too."

Makone Kids Arm Float Discs

BEST FOR: An easy-to-use arm floats for both you and your children—no air pump necessary

USERS SAID: "One of the best kid products we’ve gotten; we love them! The regular floaties were no match for my large (a three-year-old who wears size 6) toddler, we were going through a pair a week. These look lovely, fit perfectly—will keep on fitting him for years, I think- and let him use his arms more freely. The material (they’re puncture-proof and dry quickly) is the cherry on top."

Floatsafe Flotie

LOVED FOR: Parents love that that these give kids enough confidence and independence to swim comfortably.

BEST FOR: Pool parties and swim lessons

SwimSchool Deluxe TOT Swim Trainer Vest

USERS SAID: "This is by far the BEST swimming vest I've come across[...] Please take my advice - if you're looking for a safe, comfortable, vest look no further. Honestly, this vest is exactly what I was looking for."

LOVED FOR: Its extra safety measures—a no-leak valve, UPF-50 swim vest, and adjustable strap

Zerlar Floatation Swimsuits with Adjustable Buoyancy

BEST FOR: Slowly, but surely weening your child from using floaties (each of the float sticks is removable!)

USERS SAID: "We have a pool and were always unable to enjoy it because our daughter is still learning to swim but is too fearless to know her limitations. We purchased this, and now ALL enjoy ourselves. We still watch diligently, but don't worry nearly as much and don't have to be in arm's length of her. The best part is, she's actually teaching herself how to swim because it helps her float."

Konfidence The Original Children's Swim Jacket

FUN FACT: This award-winning swim jacket is recognized by the likes of the Made for Mums, Little London, and Loved By Parents Awards.

BEST FOR: Kids advanced enough in swimming to not need a life vest but still need some support

Speedo Kids' UPF 50+ Begin to Swim Classic Swim Vest

USERS SAID: "This fit my daughter perfectly and gave her so much more freedom to swim than a puddle jumper. I wish we'd known about this before!"

HELPFUL TIP: These tend to run small, so size up for the best fit.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy

BEST FOR: Lazy days in the pool with baby

LOVED FOR: This was made with safety as a priority. It features child safety valves, dual air chambers, and a patented inner spring which gives your child greater stability in the water.

Stearns Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket

USERS SAID: "My two-year-old daughter LOVES this and is so confident in the water when wearing it. She can float on her back with them, or swim with her belly down, but her head will not go under water. She does go on a slide into the pool sometimes, which causes her [head] to dunk under, but she pops right back up and loves it!"

LOVED FOR: Giving children enough support while allowing them to grow as strong swimmers

Body Glove Paddle Pals Motion Hologram Learn to Swim Life Jacket

LOVED FOR: Its variety of fun graphics options will have your kid wanting to wear these all the time.

USERS SAID: "If you're looking for a swimming/ training aid, then buy this. My wife is an RN and I am a Firefighter. Safety for our children is a huge concern for us[...] This definitely makes the child feel more secure in the water and really helps them practice moving in the water such as doggy paddling and treading water. This is a great training tool. I would definitely recommend."

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