Top 10 Towel Warmers

Add A Bit Of Luxury To Your Bathroom With One Of These Top-Rated Towel Warmers

Add A Bit Of Luxury To Your Bathroom With One Of These Top-Rated Towel Warmers

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Fact: few things are more relaxing than fresh, warm towels. Our beloved pets have been hip to the soothing comfort of just-from-the-dryer linens for decades now, and it's all starting to make sense. Whether you prefer an indulgent bubble bath or a steamy shower, adding a towel warmer to your clean routine is a surefire way to kick the zen levels up a few notches. And guess what? We've made it super easy for you to do just that, thanks to our list of the absolute best towel warmers in the game. From simple wire racks to high-tech options you can operate from your phone, we've got all that and more in the list below.

How We Found The Best Towel Warmers

To roundup the web's most incredible towel warmers, we tapped our data-driven algorithm that scores and ranks products by factoring in best-selling buzz, editorial mentions, real user reviews, and more. In other words, you can fully trust that these products are the best in the biz. Keep scrolling for the Top 10 towel warmers on the web, all of which are guaranteed to add spa-level luxury to your bathroom.

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March 3, 2021

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The Rankings

Roadview UV Lights Towel Warmer And Sterilizer
Rank & Style Approved


Roadview UV Lights Towel Warmer And Sterilizer


WHAT IT DOES This genius towel warmer and sanitizer features so many cool functions—think warming, drying, disinfecting, and more—all of which you can control with just a few taps of your smartphone.

THINGS TO KNOW: You can also use this warmer for socks, undergarments, cotton face masks, and handkerchiefs. Talk about a game-changer.

Conair Pollenex Towel Warmer


WHY YOU NEED IT: Thanks to this portable warmer, you'll never have to travel with cold linens again. Room-temperature towels? No thanks.

THINGS TO KNOW: All it takes is 20 minutes for this device to warm your towels, so you can turn it on right before you hop in the shower.

Homeleader Towel Warmer And Drying Rack


WHAT IT DOES: This towel warmer comes with a built-in thermostat that helps maintain the perfect temperature and conserve energy. Bonus: the waterproof switch promises added safety.

RAVE REVIEW: "Wow. This is a fantastic warmer! It's ultra-warm, and it actually warms up my whole bathroom whenever I use it. I love it!"

Warmly Yours Tahoe Towel Warmer


WHO IT'S FOR: If you want something sleek, you can't go wrong with this stylish towel warmer. With its minimalist design and stainless steel construction, it'll blend in seamlessly with any bathroom decor.

THINGS TO KNOW: This towel warmer comes with overheat protection that prevents the unit's surface from exceeding 149º F.

Amba Solo Freestanding Electric Towel Warmer


RAVE REVIEW: "This thing really works! It was very easy to assemble and warmed up within minutes. It does the trick of warming towels during the shower, so they are nice and warm when you step out."

THINGS TO KNOW: This stainless steel towel warmer is suitable for use in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and dorm rooms. 

Salon Sundry Professional High Capacity Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet


WHY YOU NEED IT: Not only does this towel warmer arrive fully-assembled, but it also maintains an average inside temperature of 176º F to deliver soothingly warm towels on the very first use and every time after.

THINGS TO KNOW: Depending on towel size, this high-capacity warmer can hold up to 72 towels at once.

Brandon Basics Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer


RAVE REVIEW: "This towel warmer is amazing. I was looking for something with a built-in timer and an in-wall cable install that doesn’t have an ugly box outside of it. I love how the cable is integrated into the leg. It does get very warm, and my small bathroom doesn’t have a heater in it, so I was surprised by how warm the bathroom was. An added bonus!"

LOVED FOR: A whopping 12 warming racks, stainless steel construction, and LED indicators are just a few reasons why some shoppers call this the Lamborghini of towel warmers.

Keenray Bucket Style Towel Warmer


WHY YOU NEED IT: No need to wait for warmth. This portable towel warmer heats up in just one minute and reaches its highest temperature setting in as little as six minutes.

THINGS TO KNOW: You can also throw in your bathrobe, PJs, or throw blanket. Trust us when we say this thing is next-level.

Haven Towel Warmer


WHO IT'S FOR: If you're dealing with a smaller space, this compact towel warmer will do just the trick.

THINGS TO KNOW: This warmer has an auto shut-off function—no need to freak if you leave it on.

Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Bucket-Style Towel Warmer


LOVED FOR: Thanks to the unique bucket design, this towel warmer promises even heat distribution for all-over warmth with every use—no uncomfortable cold spots here.

RAVE REVIEW: "This towel warmer works great, and the size is superb. It holds two bath towels easily and has settings for various times. I place my towel in right before I get in the shower and set it to 15 minutes, and my towel is perfect! Nice and warm. My kids use it too. They love it!"

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