Top 10 Customizable Beauty Brands

Get The Products That Are As Personal To You As Your Own Skin With These 10 Customized Beauty Brands

Get The Products That Are As Personal To You As Your Own Skin With These 10 Customized Beauty Brands

There are so many beauty brands getting buzz for their innovative concepts, like creative in-store experiences and direct-to-consumer products that focus on quality at a low price point. But beyond the Glossier flagship store experience comes two trends that are changing the beauty game—customization and personalization. From box hair color that provides the same customized color as a hair salon to skin oils formulated for your specific skin type and issues, the beauty world is realizing that everyone has different beauty needs. One size (or even 10 shades) simply does not fit all. So, we dug into the brands making waves in their respective beauty categories and compiled a list of the Top 10 customizable beauty brands. We’re highlighting brands that are using tech to help us match foundation shades to our skin tone, mixing shampoos and conditioners based on the ingredients our coarse curls need, and letting us mix and match mascara brushes to formulas. The top brands on this list have some seriously cool products and offer services you've never seen before. Get ready to get personal! Opening image: @prose

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February 11, 2019

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The Rankings

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LOVED FOR: Going and going all day, every day? Prescriptives keeps your look fresh no matter what you're up to or hour late you're out with their unique and custom formulas.

BEST FOR: Enhancing your natural beauty


BEST FOR: Making your eyes seriously pop with a custom-made mascara

WHY WE LOVE IT: Eyeko lets you choose the mascara wand and formula that's right for your lashes so you get volume where you need volume and length where you need length!


HOW IT WORKS: Give your "stylist" the low down on your hair's past and tell them what you want its future to be. Then, your personal colorist creates a custom color and ships it straight to your door with instructions that are so easy you'll wonder why you ever paid the big bucks to go to the salon.

USERS SAID: "The fact that I can color my hair with convenience and really look like I stepped out of a salon, and say ‘I did this,’ is just fantastic...I immediately knew I found something that works."

The Buff

BEST FOR: The natural beauty buff

LOVED FOR: Finding the beauty oil blend that's right for you personally is as simple as taking The Buff's online quiz.


BEST FOR: Hydrating dull, dry skin

HOW IT WORKS: Clinique always allows you to choose whether you want a lotion, gel, or jelly, the skincare issues you're trying to solve for, and voila! 

Skin Inc.

LOVED FOR: Skin Inc. combines skin with technology to create a customized serum that you can reorder again and again. 

FUN FACT: Skin Inc. has won over 100 awards from some of the biggest names in beauty.

Function of Beauty

USERS SAID: "I am a lifetime fan!...My very favorite benefit of the products is I now have to wash my hair less! I can even go 5 days! Previously, with standard grocery store shampoo/conditioner (Herbal Essence, Pantene, etc) I was stretching it on the third day. My hair feels and looks healthier and my hair is much less frizzy!"

LOVED FOR: Customize your formula depending on the season so that you can fight frizz when it's humid and keep it hydrated in the dry months.

Bare Minerals

FUN FACT: Talk about a beauty brand that's really changing the game with technology. Bare Minerals created an app that scans your skin to find just the right foundation shade.

LOVED FOR: Not only do you get the exact shade match for your skin tone, but you also get to choose from two coverage options!


BEST FOR: The acne prone

HELPFUL TIP: The before and after pictures will make you a believer in this brand's personalized approach to skincare and curing acne.


LOVED FOR: Prose lets you decide what goes in your products and onto your hair and scalp, which means vegan, gluten-free, silicon-free and fragrance-free options!

USERS SAID: "This stuff is literally a blessing from the hair gods. My locks are pretty fried and angry, but prose has made my hair FEEL like my hair again. Will definitely be purchasing again. I'm so glad I found this!"

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