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Top 10 Debloating Products

Products That Will Help You Debloat After A Night Of Indulgence

Products That Will Help You Debloat After A Night Of Indulgence

We've all been there—you've just woken up after a late night of partying and post-cocktail pizza slices, only to find that your skinny jeans don't exactly zip up like they did yesterday. Chances are you've googled something along the lines of "how to debloat," and then stumbled upon this page. Well lucky for you, you're in the right place. Rather than let you suffer in silence with your pants secretly unbuttoned, we've rounded up a data-driven list of the Top 10 debloating products you can buy, and rest assured—none of them require giving up carbs, cake, cocktails, or any of the other wonderful things in life. Backed by glowing user reviews, best-seller lists, editorial recommendations, and more, the tummy-taming products that follow will get your digestion back on track in no time. From supplements and skin-firming creams to a magic exfoliating brush under $12, keep scrolling to shop the products that will help you banish that belly bloat for good. Opening image: anthropologie.com

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September 12, 2019

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The Rankings

Mio Get Waisted Sculpting Body Shaper
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Mio Get Waisted Sculpting Body Shaper

WHAT IT DOES: Crazy as it sounds, this cream may be the key to keeping a bloated belly in check. With nine ingredients proven to reduce the appearance of puffiness and increase elasticity, this body sculpting cream will keep things smooth, firm, and tightened.

HELPFUL TIP: Though the price may seem a bit steep, this little bottle goes a long way.

Emuaid First Defense Probiotic Supplement

WHY YOU NEED IT: As any registered dietician will probably tell you, one of the easiest ways to debloat is with a top-notch probiotic. Not only will this improve digestion, but you'll most likely see a change in your immune health and skin too. That's a lot of benefits in one bottle, ladies and gents.

USERS SAID: "After only one week, I have already noticed a difference in the way I feel. My dIgestion is finally getting back to normal again and I can even tell a difference in my stomach—I no longer feel as bloated as I did before."

C.S.M. Body Brush

WHAT IT DOES: No, this is not a myth. Dry brushing can stimulate lymphatic drainage, which will get rid of those bloated lymph nodes and result in smoother, tighter skin.

LOVED FOR: Crafted with soft nodules to soothe your muscles, each brushing sesh will feel like a luxe massage.

The Nue Co. Debloat Food + Prebiotic Powder

LOVED FOR: Unlike other supplements, this one provides immediate relief from an uncomfortable, bloated stomach and helps improve symptoms longterm.

HELPFUL TIP: Add a dose to your daily oatmeal, smoothie, or latte—you won't even taste the difference.

Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap

WHAT IT DOES: Sweat, heat, hormonal changes—there are tons of reasons why you may wake up with a puffy face. Rich in de-puffing plant extracts and brightness-boosting ingredients, this triple-action mask will refine the appearance of facial contours, brighten the complexion, and restore radiance in just 10 minutes.

USERS SAID: "I've been using this product for years and it’s my go-to when my face is super puffy after a flight, late-night partying, drinking, or eating terrible foods. I leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse before I’m ready to apply my makeup and it works wonders!"

Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea

WHY YOU NEED IT: A warm cup of tea and a bloat buster in one, this product is an excellent bang for your buck.

HELPFUL TIP: Total Tea doesn't contain caffeine, so it's totally safe to drink it in the evening.

Love Wellness Bye, Bye Bloat

LOVED FOR: Who knew bloating supplements could be so Insta-worthy? According to reviewers, the results are just as pretty as the packaging—most saw an improvement in puffiness and fullness after just one dose.

USERS SAID: "I take two pills every night before I go to bed and OH MY GOD. I wake up every morning with a flat tummy! I'm obsessed. It has also helped my metabolism drastically. 100% recommend."

Hum Nutrition Flatter Me Digestive Enzyme Supplement

WHAT IT DOES: Thanks to a proprietary blend of 18 enzymes, popping just two of these pills a day will significantly improve digestion and flatten the tummy so you can zip up those skinny jeans again.

HELPFUL TIP: Make sure to take them before your two main meals for best results.

Esarora Ice Roller for Face & Eyes

WHY YOU NEED IT: Besides being a killer bloat banisher thanks to its ability to stimulate lymphatic drainage, the Ice Roller can also alleviate stressed muscles and even keep wrinkles at bay.

HELPFUL TIP: The key is to keep it in the freezer—this will boost its depuffing power and rejuvenate your skin too.

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

WHAT IT DOES: You've probably seen these green tools flooding your Instagram, but we assure you that they are far more than just a pretty accessory for your nightstand or vanity. With a jade roller for lymphatic drainage and a gua sha to release tightness and tension, this set has everything you need to keep that jawline snatched.

COMPLETE THE LOOK: Use these tools with your favorite serum or moisturizer to promote better absorption into the skin.

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