Top 10 Essie Nail Colors

We Just Ranked The Most Popular Essie Nail Polishes Of 2020

We Just Ranked The Most Popular Essie Nail Polishes Of 2020

If you’ve ever found yourself shopping for a new nail polish color, you might’ve felt a bit intimidated searching through the hundreds of shades available on the market. Essie—a fan-favorite nail color brand—has created more than 900 polishes to date, so we understand how impossible it feels to pick just one. To help you sort through the masses, we ranked essie’s most popular nail polishes, including both tried-and-true classics and underrated favorites alike. Thanks to our data-driven algorithm that factors in best-selling buzz, editorial selections, and real user reviews, we've created a vetted list of the best essie nail polishes to date. Don't worry—the iconic Ballet Slippers is included. Ahead, find the most popular essie nail shades to add to your mani must-haves ASAP. Opening image: @essie

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October 19, 2020

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The Rankings

Essie Nail Polish In Mademoiselle
Rank & Style Approved


Essie Nail Polish In Mademoiselle

LOVED FOR: This classic, semi-sheer pink looks nude on medium to light skin tones.

USERS SAID: “I picked up this shade, and wow—I love it! It's a sheer nude that shines beautifully and looks natural and understated on my nails.”

Essie Nail Polish In Blanc

WHY YOU NEED IT: Every nail polish collection needs a tried-and-true white shade. This one doesn’t get gunky or streaky, and the true white hue looks great on all skin tones.

HELPFUL TIP: To make colored polishes appear bolder, apply a thin layer of this white shade as your first coat.

Essie Nail Polish In Topless & Barefoot

LOVED FOR: This understated neutral nail color is appropriate for both work and play.

USERS SAID: “Think Louboutin nude pumps on your fingernails. I've got a pretty light skin tone when I'm not tan and thought this color would wash me out, but instead, the beige and ever-so-light pink shades shine through. Seriously gorgeous.”

Essie Nail Polish In Licorice

BEST FOR: Sporting cool-girl vibes

WHY YOU NEED IT: While black tips may not be your go-to, having this jet black polish may come in handy when doing nail art or dressing up a Halloween costume.

Essie Nail Polish In Bordeaux

BEST FOR: Wine-tinted tips for the cold-weather season

USERS SAID: “If you love wine, you'll love the color of this Bordeaux polish. It speaks of fall, winter, and warm, cozy nights by the fire.”

Essie Nail Polish In Mint Candy Apple

LOVED FOR: This mint-colored polish is flattering on all skin tones from fair to deep.

WHY YOU NEED IT: There’s something about mint tips that is so appropriate for spring and summer. Even if you only wear it once a year, you’ll get tons of compliments—trust us.

Essie Nail Polish In Sugar Daddy

LOVED FOR: Layering atop French manicures

USERS SAID: “It is the sheerest, prettiest pink color. This is like my own natural nails but better. My nails look healthy, groomed, and beautiful.”

Essie Nail Polish In Wicked

BEST FOR: If you're looking to swap your summery red for something a little moodier, try this sinister shade. It's the deepest, darkest, inkiest color on the market that's not black, and it looks flattering on all skin tones.

HELPFUL TIP: This polish is such a dark, deep red, it can look black at first glance. To pick your depth of hue, try applying this nail color in a setting with natural lighting.

Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Teeny

BEST FOR: This periwinkle purple was a hit the second it landed on the shelves back in the summer of 2012, and the obsession hasn't stopped since. Formulated with tiny flecks of sparkle for an extra shiny finish, this bright but soft shade is ideal for transitioning from summer to fall.

USERS SAID: “I was skeptical that it would be too bright (I usually wear more muted colors), but I love it so much! It’s the perfect in-between shade of light blue and purple. It’s fairly long-lasting, and I have gotten so many compliments on it.”

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers

LOVED FOR: Falling somewhere between nude and petal pink, this nail color is universally flattering.

FUN FACT: Over 800 bottles of Ballet Slippers are sold every day in the USA.

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