Top 10 Halloween Makeup Ideas

10 Flawlessly Fantastic Halloween Makeup Ideas

10 Flawlessly Fantastic Halloween Makeup Ideas

Win any costume contest and wow your followers with these epically glamorous Halloween makeup ideas. This algorithm-curated list features the top-trending makeup ideas for Halloween 2018 that are certain to make your holiday even more special. In addition to giving you a little help in the creative development department, this list also includes where to shop the products to nail your favorite look like a pro! Transform into a magical unicorn, tap into your regal side as Cleopatra, or achieve a sweet gold sugar skull look with help from your favorite YouTube vloggers and easy-to-follow tutorials. Subscribe to vloggers such as Morgan Fay, Kayliegh Noelle, Melly Sanchez, and many others and get the scoop on their makeup techniques, favorite products, and even the accessories they use to achieve major Halloween goals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned glamazon, these Halloween makeup ideas are the perfect tools to help you bring your most fantastic costume ideas to life. Scroll to start watching and prepare to be crowned a Halloween Queen. Opening image: @kayleighnoellexo

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September 19, 2018

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THE LOOK: Channel success and seduction as the Queen of the Nile Cleopatra herself by following these easy steps from makeup vlogger, Morgan Fay

PRODUCTS NEEDED: Nail a killer wing with this gold glitter, black eyeliner, and blue eyeliner


THE LOOK: Make a splash at this year's Halloween parties with this metallic mermaid look from YouTube vlogger Maria Rose. Purples and blues mixed with pinks and striking white  

PRODUCTS NEEDED: To achieve siren-level eyeshadow realness, snag this eyeshadow palette, white eyeliner, and shimmering glitter.  

Pop Art Cartoon

THE LOOK: Cue the retro nostalgia with this pop art-inspired makeup look from YouTuber Claire Dim that's racked up more than 1 million views. 

PRODUCTS NEEDED:  Achieve this look with black liquid eyeliner and white liquid eyeliner, blue eyeshadow, and a red eyeshadow stick


THE LOOK: Pay homage to iconic fashion model Twiggy with this look by vlogger Linda Hallberg. 

PRODUCTS NEEDED: Achieve the perfect doe-eyed stare that made Twiggy famous with black eyeliner, nude eyeliner, and false eyelashes.


THE LOOK: Achieve a Gypsy-inspired Halloween costume with this romantically enchanting look by YouTuber Morgan Fay. 

PRODUCTS NEEDED: Cast a spell with your stare by using this eyeshadow palette, gold glitter eyeliner, and white eyeliner


THE LOOK: Oh, deer! Nail one of this year's cutest Halloween makeup looks with the help of Stephanie Suero's makeup tutorial

PRODUCTS NEEDED: This contour kit, liquid eyeliner, and pencil eyeliner are essentials for creating the purrfect look. 


THE LOOK: YouTube beauty Melly Sanchez brings a whole new look to your cat woman costume with this tutorial. Add your favorite skintight turtleneck or bodysuit, black pumps, and a cute tail to win all the contests this Halloween season. 

PRODUCTS NEEDED: Tap into your feminine feline vibes with this black eyeliner, gold glitter, and cute cat ears


THE LOOK: Get ghoulishly glam with this red-eyed vampire Halloween makeup tutorial by vlogger Leyla Rose. 

PRODUCTS NEEDED: Bring out your undead eyes with this eyeshadow palette, face paint, and blood red lipstick

Sugar Skull

THE LOOK: Make Jack Skellington proud with this pretty gold sugar skull makeup look by YouTuber Nathalie Muñoz. The beauty vlogger also offers up some tips for making your DIY costume to complement your face. 

PRODUCTS NEEDED: Look to die for with black and white face paint, gold eyeshadow, and some glittering face jewels.


THE LOOK: Showcase your magic with this dreamy unicorn makeup tutorial by vlogger Kayleigh Noelle. 

PRODUCTS NEEDED: Make sure you've got this eyeshadow palette, body glitter, and unicorn horn to complete the look. 

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