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Swap Your Basic Black Pants For This Bold Print

Swap Your Basic Black Pants For This Bold Print

Perhaps plaid makes you think of that awful skort you wore in elementary school or the punk phase you inevitably went through in your teen years, but fear not—we're here to assure you that this season's versions of the print are far more current. From Christian Dior to Alexander McQueen, plaid practically covered the runways at fashion week, and both high-end and fast-fashion retailers alike are rolling out their own iterations of the grungy print. But in order to subtly ease into the trend and avoid looking like a full-on bagpipe player, we suggest starting off slow via a pair of super cool plaid pants. Not only do they give you an instant cool-girl vibe, but they also happen to be totally work-appropriate. So whether you're running out of chic office outfits or just feel like lookin' fly, search no further. Ahead, we've rounded up the Top 10 pairs of plaid pants on the market, all backed by user reviews, best-seller lists, editorial recommendations, and more. From tartan to houndstooth to windowpane and more, keep scrolling to discover and shop the freshest pairs of plaid pants on the block. Opening image:

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September 11, 2019

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