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Top 10 Pre-Shampoo Treatments

These Treatments Will Help Detox Your Scalp And Give You Healthier Hair

These Treatments Will Help Detox Your Scalp And Give You Healthier Hair

You may be scratching your head when it comes to the term "pre-shampoo treatment," and we get it. Isn't that what conditioner is for? Well, not really. Pre-shampoo treatments are designed to protect your hair from what you're about to put it through which can include shampoo formulas that are way too strong and strip your hair of its much-needed natural oils and nutrients. And if you're keen on coloring your hair, there is no way your tresses won't appreciate this extra treatment that's guaranteed not only to help protect it but also make it stronger. But not all pre-shampoo formulas are designed for damaged and stressed out strands. Some may find that their ends are a little dry or their roots are a little oily. You guessed right, there are pre-shampoo treatments specifically for those ailments. Point being, pretty much every head of hair can benefit from an extra dose of TLC, and we encourage you to scroll through and find the right formula for yourself!  Opening image:

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May 27, 2019

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