Top 10 Products For Stress Relief

10 Products That Will Help Ease Your Stress Right Now

10 Products That Will Help Ease Your Stress Right Now

Whether it's a flooded inbox, your never-ending to-do list, or a bad day at work, stress is pretty much inevitable these days. While we can't exactly take care of the situations that bring it on, what we can do is arm you with a collection of ultra-relaxing products to turn to when a glass of wine just won't cut it. If that sounds like something you need right now, today's your lucky day. Ahead, we've curated an algorithm-approved list of mood-boosting must-haves for tackling stressful days, all backed by best-selling buzz, editorial mentions, real user reviews, and more. From the chicest essential oil diffuser we've ever seen to coloring books, candles, and calming skincare essentials, keep scrolling to shop our edit of the Top 10 products for stress relief and go have yourself the best self-care sesh ever. Opening image: @vitruvi

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April 6, 2020

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The Rankings

Vitruvi Quiet Time Diffuser Set
Rank & Style Approved


Vitruvi Quiet Time Diffuser Set

WHAT IT DOES: Not only does this set come with the chicest diffuser on the market, but it also includes Vitruvi's calming Quiet blend that's 100% pure, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. With notes of ylang-ylang, geranium, amyris, and clary sage, the powdery scent is perfect for diffusing when you need a little me-time.

LOVED FOR: Beautifully crafted with high-quality porcelain and available in a range of stunning shades, Vitruvi's diffuser easily doubles as a stunning piece of home decor while it fills your home with your favorite scents—no flashing lights or fake wood here.

Uma Oils Pure Calm Wellness Oil

WHY YOU NEED IT: Formulated with chamomile, vetiver, and lavender, this wellness oil naturally alleviates feelings of stress with just a few deep breaths. We'll take 10 bottles, please and thank you.

HELPFUL TIP: Wondering how to use it? Uma Oils recommends massaging four to five drops between your toes, onto the bottoms of your feet, pulse points, temples, behind the ears, or all of the above for the ultimate experience.

Votary Pillow Spray Lavender And Chamomile

BEST FOR: Looking to catch up on your beauty sleep? Formulated with calming aromatherapy oils like rose, lavender, and chamomile, this luxurious pillow spray will have you passing out as soon as you hit the pillow.

USERS SAID: "I have been using sleep mists for years (most notably ThisWorks) and while all of them have been effective, this one is by far the most knockout causing mist. The smell is intense, but I really like it. I have found that I drop off quicker and have a deeper sleep when I have used this spray as opposed to other brands."

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Designs

WHY YOU NEED IT: Research shows that coloring can help us relieve stress, and this adult coloring book is packed with designs specifically made to help relax and recharge the mind. So grab some colored pencils or markers and get going—artist or not.

USERS SAID: "This is such a stress-relieving book! Every time I'm feeling down or stressed, I color. It takes time because there are a lot of little details in the drawings—but it really gets my mind off of everything else."

Crate & Barrel Calm Mood Candle

WHAT IT DOES: Infused with calming essential oils and housed in a sleek black vessel, this candle instantly fills the room with a sweet, floral fragrance and looks incredibly chic while doing so.

FUN FACT: Since it's made with 100% soy wax, this candle will burn longer than most on the market. More me-time for you!

Origins Peace Of Mind On-The-Spot Relief

BEST FOR: Stressful situations don't always occur in the comfort of your own home. When you're on the go and your calming candle and soothing diffuser aren't within arm's reach, this stuff will save you. Simply dab a bit on the back of your neck, temples, and earlobes, and feel the stress and tension melt away.

LOVED FOR: Stress-relieving effects aside, tons of reviewers agree that this is a great headache remedy too.

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Rollerball

WHAT IT DOES: Formulated with top-grade essential oils like chamomile and frankincense, this stress-relieving roller ball will help calm your nerves and focus your energy no matter where you are.

HELPFUL TIP: We recommend buying a few—store them in your tote bag, desk, nightstand, and anywhere else you may need a little me-time.

Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts

WHY YOU NEED IT: Taking a bubble bath is one of the best ways to wind down, and nothing can improve the experience quite like Herbivore's cult-favorite Calm Bath Salts. With floral ylang-ylang and natural vanilla, a tub full of this will instantly relax the mind and body.

USERS SAID: "I am really into self-care right now and love getting candles and bath salts. The jar is small, but I can tell it will last a long time. Also the packaging is cute!"

Clarins Body Treatment Oil "Relax"

LOVED FOR: Not only will this treatment oil help relieve stress and fatigue, but thanks to nourishing hazelnut oil, it will also leave the skin feeling insanely soft.

HELPFUL TIP: For a maximum moisture boost, apply it all over damp skin and finish with a cool rinse.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus & Spearmint Body Cream

WHY YOU NEED IT: With stress-relieving ingredients, an ultra-moisturizing formula, and a super affordable price tag, this aromatherapy lotion is a no-brainer self-care buy.

USERS SAID: "I have used this lotion for a few years now, and I can definitely tell a difference in my stress when I don't use it before bed at night. I pair it with the Stress Relief body wash and foam bath, and it makes for a perfect spa night at home!"

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