Top 10 Strappy Sandals

These Strappy Sandals Have Everything You Want: Style, Comfort, And Wearability

These Strappy Sandals Have Everything You Want: Style, Comfort, And Wearability

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Although the groundhog saw his shadow this year, not even six more weeks of winter can dull our excitement about spring. As we prepare for the warmer months ahead, swapping our sweaters for spring dresses and our winter coats for rain jackets, the swap we look forward to the most is footwear—aka the perfect excuse to score a new pair of strappy sandals before the sunshine arrives. Strappy sandals are great because not only are they very of-the-moment, but they also provide us with endless styling options, optimal comfort, and just the right amount of functionality. Whether we're headed into the office, grabbing brunch on the weekend, or attending a casual hangout, the strappy sandal is one shoe we couldn't picture spring without. 

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February 16, 2021

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