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Top 10 Wellness Apps

10 Wellness Apps To Get You Through These Trying Times

10 Wellness Apps To Get You Through These Trying Times

As we practice social distancing and self-isolation, it's easy to feel, well, isolated. Restaurants are switching to take-out only, hitting up a spin class is definitely out of the question, and even swinging by the doctor's office for an annual checkup poses a risk. Luckily, technology is pretty top-notch these days, and there are actually tons of apps out there that'll help us stay sane while we're stuck inside. Ahead, we've created a roundup of the ones that are worth it, whether you want to catch up on your workouts, cook yourself a meal that doesn't suck, or even make a virtual visit to your primary care physician. After scrolling through tons of rave reviews and editorial recommendations, we narrowed it down to 10 categories—from fitness to meditation to sleep—and listed the best app option for each. Keep scrolling to take a peek at the wellness apps that made the cut and give your faves a download. Opening image: @lumosity

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March 30, 2020

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The Rankings

Lumosity: Brain Training
Rank & Style Approved


Lumosity: Brain Training

BEST FOR: Staying sharp

ABOUT THE APP: It's tough to get your mind moving when you're stuck inside binge-watching Love is Blind all day. When you need a little brain boost, Lumosity offers over 40 games and puzzles that test and train memory, logic, math skills, and more. And get this—they're actually fun.

The DailyHoroscope

BEST FOR: The astrology lover

ABOUT THE APP: The DailyHoroscrope provides you with daily, weekly, and monthly 'scopes that are super straightforward and concise, making it a great option whether you're a beginner or a big expert.

Mint: Personal Finance & Money

BEST FOR: Money management

ABOUT THE APP: If you're anything like us, your bank account is seriously feeling the effects of all the killer sales going on right now. Approved by many members of the Rank & Style staff, this app is a great way to stay on top of your finances, whether you're looking to create a better budget, track your bills, or even keep your credit score in check.

Health Tap

BEST FOR: Ditching the doctor's office

ABOUT THE APP: Considering that most of us are quarantining, heading out to hit up the doctor's office may not be the smartest idea. If you're feeling under the weather, log in to Health Tap—the app will connect you with a U.S.-based, board-certified doctor via text or video in less than one minute.

Sleep Cycle

BEST FOR: Beauty sleep

ABOUT THE APP: Sleep plays a huge part in staying healthy, and that rings true now more than ever. By tracking your sleep and movement patterns, the Sleep Cycle app wakes you up during your lightest sleeping stage so you feel less groggy when your alarm goes off, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the day. How cool is that?


BEST FOR: Calorie control

ABOUT THE APP: It's tough to keep track of calories, especially when you're stuck inside and most likely eating more than usual. With a database of over four million foods, MyFitnessPal makes food journaling fast, easy, and fun. Plus, it'll also track your activity, whether that's a jog around the neighborhood or a walk to the fridge.

Things 3

BEST FOR: Tackling tasks

ABOUT THE APP: Think of this genius little app as a personal assistant. Things 3 will help you stay organized, whether it's by keeping track of your to-do lists or showing you your schedule for the workday.


BEST FOR: Killing it in the kitchen

ABOUT THE APP: If you think you can't cook, just wait until you try Yummly. From recipe recommendations to handy tools and helpful videos, this app will have you feeling like a pro in no time.


BEST FOR: Mindfulness and meditation

ABOUT THE APP: With endorsements from celebs like Emma Watson and Gwenyth Paltrow, Headspace is the real deal. The app teaches you how to practice mindfulness and meditation in just a few minutes each day, helping you manage everything from stress and anxiety to sleep and productivity.


BEST FOR: The fitness fanatic

ABOUT THE APP: Missing your go-to studios and gyms? We feel you. Aaptiv provides you with unlimited access to audio-based fitness classes led by certified personal trainers so you can work out when you want, where you want, the way you want—quarantine or not.

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