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Top 10 Cuticle Oils And Creams

Super Hydrating Creams and Oils To Repair Your Dry, Peeling Cuticles

Super Hydrating Creams and Oils To Repair Your Dry, Peeling Cuticles

Our Top 10 Lists help shoppers quickly and easily find what they need. Using an intense review and approval process (which you can learn more about here), we break down the best products according to what consumers most commonly search for and want. 

Between the dry weather and frequent handwashing, chances are your nails could use some serious TLC. One of the simplest ways to get your fingertips back on track is by applying a top-notch cuticle oil or cream. Loved for their nourishing benefits, cuticle oils boast nail-loving ingredients like plant extracts and argan oil that can make your cuticles look almost as good as a professional manicure would. 

With that in mind, we've rounded up a list of the Top 10 cuticle oils and creams that can take care of haggard hangnails and dry skin in no time and boost the strength of your nails while they're at it. From a handy pen perfect for stashing in your purse to a soothing cream that also prevents wrinkles, there's a formula on the list for every budget and concern.

Our Method For Finding The Best Cuticle Oils And Creams 

To rank the best cuticle oils and creams, we tapped our handy algorithm that factors in best-selling buzz, editor recommendations, and rave reviews to find the best products on the web. Including trusted brands like Clinique, Essie, and OPI, the products ahead have proven to be the best of the best. Keep scrolling to see our edit of algorithm-approved cuticle oils and creams and shop your favorites.

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July 16, 2021

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