Top 10 At-Home Nail-Dipping Powder Kits

You Can Now Get A Dip Manicure From The Comfort Of Your Bathroom

You Can Now Get A Dip Manicure From The Comfort Of Your Bathroom

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Dip powder manicures are a fun, easy, and long-lasting way to give your nails some color. If you're new to this process, it involves coating your nails in highly pigmented powders rather than painting them with traditional polish, making for a mess-free mani that looks like it came straight from the salon. Right now, this DIY-friendly method is having a major moment, and honestly, it’s easy to see why. Dip manicures last for weeks on end, don’t chip or peel, and have a shine that looks absolutely gorgeous. Best of all, you don’t have to head to the salon anymore to get a great dip powder manicure because you can easily create the look yourself with today's at-home kits. But if you want to try your hand at this trending nail method, it’s important to find a kit that works for your needs, budget, and nails. Ahead, we've rounded up 10 algorithm-approved options so you can do just that.

How To Do Dip Powder Nails at Home

Whether you’re an expert in at-home nail care or experimenting with a new self-care strategy, it’s actually pretty easy to give yourself a dip powder manicure. Before you try it yourself, though, you should know how it works.

- Prep your nails. Push your cuticles back, trim your nails, and file them into your desired shape.

- Clean your nails. Wash your hands thoroughly and use a cleanser to remove any dirt or debris from your nail beds.

- Apply a base coat. Once your nails have dried completely, apply your base coat. This will help ensure the powder coats your nails evenly.

- Apply the powder. Next, either dip your nail into the container of pigmented powder or sprinkle the powder onto your nail. Tap or brush off any excess.

- Repeat. Repeat the process to get an even coat of powder across all of your nails.

- Apply the activator. Finally, apply the clear activator polish, which hardens the powder into a glossy lacquer.

- Apply a topcoat. Finish off with your favorite topcoat for added protection and shine.

Specific instructions can vary from kit to kit, so be sure to follow the directions that come with yours for best results.

Are At-Home Dip Powder Manicures Safe?

When done correctly, dip powder manicures are thought to be perfectly safe. In fact, some believe they're safer than gel manicures, which could increase your risk of skin cancer due to the UV light used to dry the polish. Dip powder manicures may even be beneficial for your nails. When the powder hardens, it creates a nonporous layer that can help protect your nails from breakage. And because the removal process is gentle on your nails, they stay healthy and strong after the fact (though it never hurts to give them a little extra TLC with a nice nail treatment or strengthener).

However, there is one major risk that can come from using dip powder: infection. If multiple people dip their fingers into the same powder or container, it is possible to get an infection in your nails or nail beds. The powder itself doesn’t cause infections, but if you have a cut on your finger—even a tiny one from clipping or filing your nails—the powder could transmit bacteria, fungus, or other pathogens that do. This isn’t an issue with polishes, because they quickly kill potentially harmful microbes.

A simple way to reduce this risk with dip powder is to sprinkle the powder onto your nails instead. Even if you don’t plan on sharing containers with anyone else, this may be the best way to go when giving yourself a dip powder manicure at home, just to be safe on the safe side. After all, health and safety should always be a priority.

Are Dip Nails Better than Gel?

It all depends on what you’re looking for from your manicure. If you like changing up your nail color frequently, it’s probably best to stick with your favorite gel polish. But if you want a long-lasting manicure that won’t chip or peel, you’re better off with a high-quality dip powder. Luckily, you can always give it a try to see how you like it. 

Our Method For Finding The Best At-Home Dip Powder Nail Kits

To find the best DIY dip powder nail kits, we enlisted the help of our data-driven algorithm. This proprietary tool factors in real user reviews, editorial mentions, and best-selling buzz to curate and rank our Top 10 lists. Ahead, shop the best dip powder nail kits and snag one to up your at-home mani game.

Next up, shop our 10 Best Spring Nail Colors for more top-rated mani finds. Opening image: @dipwellnails

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April 29, 2021

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The Rankings

Drizzle Acrylic Nail Powder Kit
Rank & Style Approved


Drizzle Acrylic Nail Powder Kit


WHY YOU NEED IT: At-home manicures don't get much better than this. This acrylic dipping powder kit includes everything you need to achieve a salon-quality manicure from the comfort of your own home. Bonus: each set comes with 20 colors to choose from.

RAVE REVIEW: "You can make this as thick or thin as you like—either way, I’ve found it to last. I’ve gotten so many compliments and asked what salon I go to. Thanks to Drizzle, my salon location is my kitchen!"

Azurebeauty Acrylic Dipping Powder Kit


WHAT IT DOES: With eight gorgeous shades including stunning mattes and glitters, this set delivers a flawless, lightweight manicure that lasts up to 21 days.

THINGS TO KNOW: This dipping kit delivers a gel-like finish thanks to the high-gloss topcoat.

Kiss False Nails Salon Dip


WHO IT'S FOR If you're a total newbie to dip manicures, this at-home set is an excellent choice. It comes with just three easy-to-follow steps—a brush-on gel, dip powder, and an activator.

RAVE REVIEW: "Hands down, this is the best at-home nail kit out there! If you're on the fence about this kit, just buy it—you won’t be disappointed! I do a sink full of dishes every day, and not one nail product has ever stayed on my nails longer than 24 hours, but the Kiss Salon Dip does!"

Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit


RAVE REVIEW: "One use, and I was in love. My first try didn't turn out very well, but it was all user error on my part. The kit is noticeably good quality. The power is so fine and nice, and the bottles are sleek and heavy. [...] This is for sure worth the money."

HELPFUL TIP: Check out one of the many YouTube videos of beauty gurus sharing how to use this kit.

Joya Mia Dipping Powder Starter Kit


WHY YOU NEED IT: If you love doing your own nails and seek salon-quality results, add this to your cart ASAP. Packed with nourishing vitamins, these formulas boast the same high-quality ingredients the pros use and leave a finish like no other.

THINGS TO KNOW: We like to keep our options open, especially when it comes to selecting our nail colors. With three different shades to choose from, you can mix and match your favorites however you like.

DoubleDipNails Nail Dip Powder Liquid Set


LOVED FOR: On top of every liquid needed for a flawless dip mani, this kit also includes a nourishing cuticle oil, nail files, and a nail buffer. You can use the liquids with any dip powder brand of your choice, and they'll ensure your mani lasts for three weeks.

RAVE REVIEW: "These are the best quality liquids I have ever used! I am absolutely amazed. They're so easy to work with. I have dipped two sets with them. They dry super fast, my powders don’t get clumpy, and I do way less filing now. Love love love!"

GHDIP Dip Powder Nail Kit Acrylic Nail Dip Powder Kit


WHY YOU NEED IT: This french-manicure-ready kit comes with six classic shades and a quick-dry formula—all for less than the price of just one visit to the salon.

RAVE REVIEW: "I’m obsessed with these dipping powders! They're so easy to use, even for a beginner like me. I now have four kits by this brand, and I’ll definitely be ordering the rest of the colors."

Beetles Dip Powder Nail Kit Starter


WHY YOU NEED IT: With color options ranging from neutrals to bolds and even a mermaid-inspired shade range, this dip powder nail kit is sure to please any nail enthusiast.

RAVE REVIEW: "This dip set is like all dip sets as far as steps go, but it’s the perfect thickness and color after two dips! This kit is amazing and well worth the money. After two coats of dip powder, the little jar doesn’t even look like I used it. This is a great variety of colors. I am definitely going to order each set!"

Aikker Dip Powder Nail Kit


WHAT IT DOES: With 12 glitter-pumped colors to choose from and long-lasting quality, this dip powder nail kit ensures bright, vibrant, and chip-free manicures every time.

RAVE REVIEW: "I love to do my own nails but always hate that they chip so fast, so I normally get dip done at a salon. With the pandemic, I haven’t been back to a salon since everything shut down, even though they have reopened. I decided to give the at-home a chance, and I love it! It’s a little tricky at first, but just take your time and do one nail at a time, and within 30 minutes, you’ll have beautiful nails!"

DipWell Dip Nail Starter Kit


ABOUT THE BRAND: DipWell was founded by nail-industry experts that wanted to develop professional-grade products for easy at-home use. On top of salon-quality formulas, affordable price points, and easy-to-follow instructions, DipWell's products are all made in the USA.

WHO IT'S FOR: If this is your first go at dip nails, this kit is your best bet thanks to its visual, easy-to-follow instructions.

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