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Top 10 Exfoliating Mitts

These Exfoliating Mitts Are The Answer To Smoother, Softer Skin

These Exfoliating Mitts Are The Answer To Smoother, Softer Skin

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Even amongst those who aren't as skincare-obsessed as we are, face exfoliation is rarely overlooked. Between all the cleansing brushes, facial scrubs, and acid-packed serums, masks, and moisturizers, it's safe to say many of us have that category covered. But body exfoliation, on the other hand, often gets forgotten until our legs begin to look part-lizard in the dead of winter. 

We get it—exfoliating your entire body can feel like a chore. But the truth is that it doesn't have to be. Case in point: exfoliating mitts. Starting at just $7, adding one of these simple scrubby tools to your bath or shower routine is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to slough away dead skin, boost radiance, minimize fine lines, fade acne scars, even the skin tone, prevent ingrown hairs, and even help products penetrate better. The best part? They couldn't be easier to use. Simply add your body wash of choice next time you hit the shower, and you'll be cleansing and exfoliating in one fell swoop.

With that in mind, we scoured the internet to find the absolute best exfoliating mitts on the market right now, from soft, soothing finger mitts to charcoal-infused gloves that can deep clean even the most stubborn pores.

How We Found The Best Exfoliating Mitts

To round up this list, we turned to the help of our data-driven algorithm. Unique to Rank & Style, this tool helps us find and rank the best products out there by bringing us data from best-seller lists, editor recommendations, rave reviews, and more. Ahead, shop the 10 exfoliating mitts that made the cut and add one to your current body-care routine.

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November 10, 2021

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The Rankings

Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydro Gloves
Rank & Style Approved


Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydro Gloves


WHO IT'S FOR: If your skin is particularly dry and flaky, look no further. These gloves are super thick and textured, making them ultra-effective when it comes to the most problematic complexions. Each use gently buffs away dry skin and unclogs pores, cleansing away toxins and impurities to reveal a natural glow.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Thanks to the unique antimicrobial weave, you won't need to worry about cleaning these gloves.

Face Halo Exfoliate And Polish Body Mitt


WHAT IT DOES: This dual-action body mitt has a textured side for removing dead skin and a soft, HaloTech polishing side that reaches deep into the pores to smooth, cleanse, and refresh. The round, oversized shape makes it super easy to use, and it works both in and out of the shower.

COMPLETE THE LOOK: Face Halo is well known for its award-winning reusable makeup remover. All it takes is water to work, and won't upset the natural pH balance of your skin.

Céla Exfoliating Mitt


WHY IT MADE THE LIST: This top-rated exfoliating mitt is modeled after the mitts traditionally used in the hammams (or bathhouses) of Morocco and Turkey, so it's pretty much the real deal. You can use it with just water to focus on exfoliating, or you can add your go-to shower gel to cleanse at the same time. 

USER REVIEW: "This mitt is amazing. Prior to this, I was using glycolic and lactic acids to exfoliate, and I loved it. However, as I have gotten older, my skin has become dull and rough. After using this mitt, my skin is so soft. I had no idea how much dead skin I had until it sloughed off. This is an amazing product at an incredible price."

EvridWear Exfoliating Dual Texture Bath Gloves


WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Thanks to the less abrasive texture, these genius gloves can gently and effectively exfoliate even the most sensitive skin without causing irritation—we're talking eczema, acne, the works.

HELPFUL TIP: After each use, simply rinse them clean and use the built-in hanger loops to let them air-dry.

Novosun Bath Loofah Sponges


WHAT IT DOES: Made with 100% bamboo charcoal, these budget-friendly gloves will exfoliate and detoxify your skin in one simple step. On top of taking care of all that dead skin, they'll leave your pores feeling ultra-clean and clear.

USER REVIEW: "I usually buy these at the dollar store, and they fall apart very quickly. So when I saw these on Amazon, thought I’d give them a try. Glad I did! They are totally different from what I’ve been using. These are very thick and dense and suds up very nicely. They also rinse easily. I’m a convert—no more dollar store scrubbies for me!"

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt


WHAT IT DOES: Made with a unique textured fabric, this brilliant exfoliating mitt helps reduce ingrown hairs and the clogged pores that make them appear in the first place. Take it from us: you're going to want two of these.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Unlike many loofahs and exfoliating mitts, you only need to use this once every two weeks for glowing, healthy, bump-free skin.

Norvell Vivid Renew Exfoliating Prep Mitt


WHO IT'S FOR: Calling all sunless tanners. While any exfoliating mitt will prep your skin well for a spray, these are enriched with brightening antioxidants and a pleasant vanilla aroma that kicks them up a notch.

HELPFUL TIP: When you're not using these as a quick prep before spray tans, they're also ideal for removing residual sunless color between sessions.

Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt


WHO IT'S FOR: If you like to tan at home, look no further. This double-sided mitt has one side for exfoliating and prepping the skin and another for self-tan removal and correction. Bonus: it's reusable. Simply throw it in the wash when you're done, and it'll be ready for your next tan sesh.

COMPLETE THE LOOK: Make sure you follow up with a top-notch self-tanner.

Fur Mitt Trio


WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Aside from their chic appearance, reviewers love these handy finger mitts before and after waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal. The smaller size makes them perfect for those areas—think underarms and bikini lines—and they're super gentle but still effective.

HELPFUL TIP: Right after hair removal, stick to the softer side for a few days while you heal.

Ameliorate Exfoliating Body Mitt


WHY IT MADE THE LIST: One of Cult Beauty's most popular body tools, this mitt is as soft and gentle as a loofah but exfoliates like no other. Reviewers rave about its ability to banish dead skin and reveal soft, glowing results—all without leaving that dreaded dry and tight feeling.

USER REVIEW: "On first inspection, the mitt feels very thin and light, but don’t be fooled! This is the best exfoliating mitt I have EVER used! The skin feels genuinely exfoliated afterward, and you can literally feel the tingle of the increased circulation. I love this product!"

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