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Top 10 Facial Steamers

Go Ahead And Skip The Spa This Month—We Found The 10 Best Facial Steamers You Can Use At Home

Go Ahead And Skip The Spa This Month—We Found The 10 Best Facial Steamers You Can Use At Home

Our Top 10 Lists help shoppers quickly and easily find what they need. Using an intense review and approval process (which you can learn more about here), we break down the best products according to what consumers most commonly search for and want.

If you’ve ever boiled a pot of water just to hover your face over it, we’ve got good news: there’s a better way—a much better way. Enter: facial steamers. Facial steamers are small devices that produce a warm mist that promotes circulation, alleviates clogged pores, and improves absorption of skincare products (among many other benefits).

Typically, facial steaming has been a luxury reserved for visits to the spa, but now you can enjoy this rejuvenating experience from the comfort of your own home. So, grab your spa headband and your favorite face mask, because we’ve put together a list of the best at-home facial steamers on the internet.

How We Found The Best Facial Steamers

There’s always a fear that the steamer you purchased is going to burn your skin or spray you in the eye, which is why we turned to the help of our data-driven algorithm to find the best reviewer-approved facial steamers on the market. It’s the reason we can confidently say that the following facial steamers will leave you feeling fully relaxed and pampered (without any mishaps). Ready to embrace your best skin yet? Keep scrolling to discover the 10 best facial steamers available.

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December 20, 2021

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Top 10 Lists serve as unbiased shopping guides to the most trusted product recommendations on the internet. Products are scored and ranked using an algorithm backed by data consumers find most valuable when making a purchase. We are reader-supported and may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

The Rankings

Okachi Gliya Nano Face Steamer
Rank & Style Approved


Okachi Gliya Nano Face Steamer

BEST FOR: Meant to open your pores and remove buildup at the end of the day, this steamer is great for improving the absorption of your skincare products.

USER REVIEW: “A friend told me about at-home facial steamers, and as soon as I bought this, my life changed. My skincare products are so much more effective and most importantly, I don’t have to spend a couple hundred bucks at the spa every few months anymore.”

Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Steamer

BEST FOR: If low-effort skincare is your style, it doesn’t get much easier than the Flawless Facial Steamer. With a removable tank for easy filling and a handy two-sided mirror, you might as well start making room on your vanity right now.

USER REVIEW: “The steamer makes your face feel clean and refreshed. It also makes you feel like your skin is glowing!”

Merece Facial Steamer

BEST FOR: While you won’t be disappointed if you buy this for skincare purposes, it’s also a great option for those with allergies or sensitive skin due to its built-in UV disinfection system.

USER REVIEW: “I know this product is largely used for skincare purposes, but I purchased it when my wife and I got a gnarly head cold and were having issues with clogged sinuses. This has been a godsend!”

Vanity Planet Senia Hot And Cold Smart Facial Steamer

BEST FOR: If you can’t seem to nail down a skincare routine that works for you, Vanity Planet’s Senia steamer might be just what you need. From oil control to hydration, the device has six different settings to choose from, so you can tailor your treatment to whatever your skin needs.

USER REVIEW: “Not only is it a beautiful steamer, but it's powerful! My face feels very clean and fresh after each use. Well worth it!”

Conair True Glow Moisturizing Mist Facial Sauna

BEST FOR: Exfoliation and hydration are the strong suits of Conair’s facial sauna, thanks to a facial cleansing brush and moisturizing sponge that are included with the steamer.

USER REVIEW: “Everyone should have one regardless of immediate need. My pores felt nice, my skin was soft, and I felt like I had just visited a spa. Pretty amazing product. I plan on buying a backup... just in case.”

EZBASICS Ionic Face Steamer

BEST FOR: This steamer is built for high-power hydration, thanks to the ionic water particles it produces. It also comes with aromatherapy pads, so you work your favorite essential oil into your skincare routine.

USER REVIEW: “I love, love, love my steamer. It has really helped my skin, and it's glowing more than ever. I also have severe allergies, and this has been helping with that as well. Great investment for me.”

Movsou Facial Steamer

BEST FOR: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, go ahead and click “add to cart,” because it doesn’t get much better than this $30 steamer. Plus, the fog nozzle is perfect for targeting pesky blackheads.

USER REVIEW: “My new best friend! This little gadget has made my weekly facials SO much more effective. My face looks younger and healthier, and since I am addicted to using my phone for long stretches of time, it really helps refresh the eyes and relax them.”

Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

BEST FOR: According to reviewers, this steamer delivers serious results after just one use. And you can say sayonara to breakouts and irritation, because Vanity Planet managed to develop a product that will clarify your complexion and give you your softest skin yet.

USER REVIEW: “I have used this once a week since I purchased it. I love it. I started a skincare new regimen for my face, and I feel that this makes all of it apply so much better.”

Pure Daily Care 3-In-1 Facial Steamer

BEST FOR: This may be the only steamer on our list that you could use for longer than 15 minutes at a time, so if you prefer lengthier steam sessions, this is the one for you. Bonus: It also comes with a five-piece stainless steel skincare toolset.

USER REVIEW: “I bought this steamer about a year ago, and I LOVE IT! I suffer from blackheads all over my face, but I especially worry about the ones I get around my lips. I wasn’t able to get them out without hurting the sensitive skin there until I got this steamer.”

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Pro Facial Steamer

BEST FOR: Dr. Dennis Gross is a known name in skincare, so it’s no surprise their steamer made the list. Whether you want to minimize your pores, even out your skin tone and texture, or deeply moisturize, this device can do it all.

USER REVIEW: “I can't believe I went 25 years without this steamer. I am so impressed! My skincare absorbed right into my skin post-steam, and it's never looked or felt better. I highly recommend this steamer!”

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