Top 10 Fashion Essentials For Women Over 50

The 10 Essentials (And How To Style Them!) For Ladies Over 50

The 10 Essentials (And How To Style Them!) For Ladies Over 50

The rules have changed in fashion, and for those of you nearing or past the 50-year mark, it’s likely time for a wardrobe refresh. If you haven’t already done so, we suggest you assess that unworn assortment of clothing that's been sitting in your closet for the past few seasons and start considering a cleanout. We recommend cleansing based on this rule: if you didn’t wear it last year, get rid of it. Of course, there are a few exceptions, and it's totally okay to bend the rules for those special investment pieces. Rather than Googling things like "What not to wear after 50," scroll through the list of essentials below and take a look at what you have left hanging in your closet. Are you missing a great pair of slim-fitting jeans that genuinely make you feel great? How about that flattering leather jacket you can layer over a dress or pair with jeans to instantly upgrade your look? Each of the wardrobe staples below should make you feel confident, sexy, on-trend, and truly fabulous. Ready for an upgrade? Shop our list of the 10 best fashion essentials (and how to style them!) for women over 50, curated by us—just for you. Opening image:

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October 2, 2020

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