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Top 10 Medicated Lip Balms

Stop Dry Winter Lips In Their Tracks With These Medicated Lip Balms

Stop Dry Winter Lips In Their Tracks With These Medicated Lip Balms

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If there’s one thing about the winter season we're not so fond of, it’s how chapped and dry our lips become when the bitter cold hits. We’re all too familiar with the painful, itchy, flaky results that sub-zero temperatures welcome, and quite frankly, we’re over it before it even begins. That’s why we were determined to find a selection of medicated lip balms that not only prevent chapping from occurring in the first place, but also help relieve and heal the damage that's already been done—and fast. Ahead, we've rounded up a list of the Top 10 formulas that made the cut.

How We Found The Best Medicated Lip Balms

To round up this list, we used our data-driven algorithm that factors in best-selling buzz, editor recommendations, and real user reviews. The result? A solid selection of medicated lip balms you'll want to swipe on ASAP, from SPF-infused formulas to options that promise to transform your kisser overnight. Keep scrolling to shop the products that made the cut and get your pretty pout ready for those holiday lip colors.

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December 2, 2021

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The Rankings

Chap Ice Medicated Lip Balm

Our Score


WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: According to the reviews, this stuff will leave your lips comfortable long after you apply it—no need to layer it on every hour.

USER REVIEW: "If Blistex and Carmex had a 5-star baby, this would be it. In the dry Colorado air, nobody goes anywhere without some kind of lip balm. I've tried dozens of different types, but this is the best overall. It keeps my lips comfortable a lot longer than most others I've tried, and it also has sun protection.

Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment

Our Score


WHY IT MADE THE LIST: This heavy-hitting lip treatment not only provides instant relief to dry, cracked lips, but it can also take off makeup, tame frizz, and cure dry cuticles. In other words, you probably need one for your car, your purse, and your nightstand.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Aquaphor is the real deal. In fact, it's the #1 dermatologist-recommended lip care brand.

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Medicated Lip Balm

Our Score


WHAT IT DOES: For those days when you don’t want to sacrifice your favorite lip color just because you’re dealing with chapped and dehydrated lips, this product will save you. It comes in the prettiest coral shade that flatters all skin tones.

USER REVIEW: “This balm relieved my dry, cracked lips within a couple of days. My bottom lip was constantly cracking and bleeding and felt awful, but this Coral Dr. Rescue relieved that! The feel is so smooth, and using it overnight really helps, too. The coral color is very natural-looking—it enhances the lips with just a hint of color.”

Carmex Classic Lip Balm Medicated Tube

Our Score


WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Boasting camphor and menthol, this formula provides a cooling, tingling sensation that feels incredible on dry, chapped lips. Don't be surprised when you find yourself addicted.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Fair warning—this stuff doesn't taste great, but the results are totally worth it.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Our Score


WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Packed with antioxidants and skin conditioners like vitamin E, shea butter, and avocado oil, this super soothing lip balm can heal even the most chapped lips while protecting them from sun damage, windburn, and extreme temperatures. In fact, they've been field-tested in extreme conditions to prove it.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This lip balm comes in tons of to-die-for flavors—think pineapple mint, grapefruit and ginger, and black tea and blackberry.

Burt's Bees Medicated Moisturizing Lip Balm

Our Score


WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Reviewers rave about this medicated lip balm for the 100% natural formula. It keeps irritation and inflammation at bay, and tastes good, too.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This one comes in so many yummy flavors—we're talking blueberry, cherry, and dark chocolate.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Blistex Lip Medex Analgesic Lip Protectant

Our Score


WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Thick and hard-working, this old-school favorite gives cracked, dry lips a tingly sensation and a whole lot of healing.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Thanks to the medicated ingredients in this balm, those painful, cracked lips will get cool relief and a healthy dose of hydration with just one use.

ChapStick Classic Medicated Lip Balm

Our Score


WHY IT MADE THE LIST: If ChapStick didn't make the list, we'd be concerned. Made with camphor and menthol to soothe lips plus phenol to relieve pain, the medicated version is a classic product you can always count on.

COMPLETE THE LOOK: Pair it with a smoothing lip scrub for good measure.

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm

Our Score


WHAT IT DOES: This formula boasts long-lasting hydration that soothes and repairs dry lips, plus the bonus protection of built-in SPF 15. And at about $3 per pack, you can't beat the price.

USER REVIEW: “This is the only product I can use in the winter to keep my lips healthy. The medicated moisturizer lasts for several hours, which keeps my lips from becoming dry and cracked. What a great product!”

Dr. Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm

Our Score


WHO IT'S FOR: This top-notch formula is an excellent option for those seeking relief from a dry pout caused by sunburn, chemotherapy, medications, and weather changes.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Dr. Dan's lip balm is the only one on the market with 1% hydrocortisone—a miracle ingredient for reducing pain, itching, and swelling.

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