Top 10 Orange Blushes

The Best Orange Blushes For A Sunset-Like Glow

From fuss-free makeup looks to one-and-done outfits, summer calls for ease in every way possible. In order to make those easy and effortless makeup looks a reality this season, there are a handful of beauty essentials that should always be in your makeup bag: SPF foundations and primers, waterproof mascara, and the coveted orange blush. Lately, women with darker skin tones are finding orange blush—the trending blush shade of the season—to be the perfect product to create naturally flushed, sun-kissed looks with minimal effort.

How To Choose The Right Orange Blush

Choosing the right orange blush comes down to finding the shade of orange that best complements your skin tone in addition to the blush formula you enjoy and find the easiest to use. While it’s certainly true that some orange shades will look better on some skin tones than others, it’s important to note that anyone can wear an orange blush. Peach and orange-brown hues work well as blushes or bronzers on fair skin tones, olive skin tones look best wearing a terracotta or orange-gold blush, and bold, bright orange colors look especially flattering on darker skin tones. Whether you like a matte or dewy finish, we’ve rounded up a list of the Top 10 orange blushes suitable for anyone wanting to don the natural, flushed look up ahead.

Our Method For Finding The Best Orange Blushes

In order to make sure we found the best orange blushes on the market, we pulled together something both new and seasoned makeup enthusiasts can appreciate: a vetted list of the best orange blushes for every skin tone. From tangerines to bright pops of coral to multitasking sticks with peachy hues for the eyes, lips, and face, scroll ahead to find the orange blush that’s right for you.

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June 29, 2022

Words:Naomi Venerable

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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