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Top 10 Acne Patches

Skincare Fanatics Love These Acne Patches For Quickly Fixing Pimple Pop-Ups

Peeling off gel manicures, dry-shaving missed spots, sleeping in makeup—all are big beauty no-no's that we know to avoid (no matter how satisfying they can be). However, one of the most damaging of them all is pimple picking, and it's a habit that's tough to break despite how many warnings we receive from dermatologists. As usual, the doctors are correct about pimple picking. Not only does it increase inflammation, but it also causes pain and exarcerbates scarring. In other words, step away from the mirror and leave that zit alone—it's only going to make it worse.

But there is a solution that doesn't require you to just sit and wait until nature takes its course. They're called pimple patches, and they're taking the beuaty industry by storm. Unlike traditional spot treatments, the blemish-sized stickers not only douse our zits with healing and soothing ingredients, but they also help us keep our hands off them in the process—that's why we love them. Just stick them on for a few hours during the day (or while you rest at night), and they'll work their magic without you having to lift a finger. And the best part is that there's some truly cute options like gold stars or unnoticeable ones like clear dots that you can comfortably wear outside, as they make simple accessories that don't draw unwanted attention.

How We Found The Best Acne Patches

With that in mind, we rounded up a list of the Top 10 acne patches on the market to help you fight your next breakout without having to go at it with your fingers. Whether you struggle with deep cystic zits or the occasional bout of blackheads, there's an option on the list for blemishes of all shapes, sizes, and types. To round up this list, we turned to our data-driven algorithm. Unique to Rank & Style, this handy tool helps us find the best products out there by factoring in data from best-seller lists, user reviews, editor recommendations, and more. In other words, you'll only see what's really worth shopping when you visit our site. Ahead, take a peek at the Top 10 acne patches on the web.

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August 30, 2022

Words:Rank & Style

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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The Rankings

Nexcare Acne Cover

Our Score


WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: Made by the popular bandage brand Nexcare, these pimple patches are as clinical as they come. To top it all off, the package includes some of the largest stickers on the market for those extra-big bumps.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: Once the color changes from clear to white, you'll know this patch has worked its magic.

Alba Botanica Acne Pimple Patch

Our Score


WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Pimple patches don't need to be expensive to work. Ringing up under $10, this set of 40 patches can kill zits just as good as the big guys. These patches are certified experts at drawing out fluids, reducing inflammation, and speeding up healing.

WHO IT'S FOR: Formulated with tea tree oil and witch hazel, these acne patches work to keep the skin hydrated while keeping out bacteria, so you won't be left with dry, flaky skin when you peel them off. And it's free of harmful ingredients like parabens and synthetic fragrance, so those with sensitive skin can use them freely.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

Our Score


WHO IT'S FOR: If you want something that can work hard all day long—even while you're at the office—look no further than Rael's acne patches. They have a thinner outer edge that expertly blends into the skin, and the powdery, matte finish makes them virtually undetectable.

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: This set comes with a whopping 96 patches in two sizes to fit both large and small blemishes.

Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots

Our Score


WHAT IT DOES: Peter Thomas Roth's Acne-Clear Invisible Dots boast a myriad of benefits. Besides providing the skin with healthy doses of salicylic acid and tea tree oil to bust blemishes, they also have hyaluronic acid to ensure the skin stays hydrated while it heals.

FROM THE EXPERTS: These pimple patches can effectively reduce the look of blemishes in as few as eight hours—just enough time to get to work while you sleep.

Hanhoo Blemish Patch

Our Score


WHO IT'S FOR: With two different patch sizes, these blemish patches can cover anything and everything. And they're super gentle, so you don't replace pimple popping with harsh ingredients. 

ADDITIONAL THINGS TO KNOW: The Hanhoo patches also come in Extra Strength, Soothing, and Dark Spot versions, so you can use them to target different areas with ease.

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots

Our Score


WHAT IT DOES: There's a reason Peace Out's Healing Dots are so popular. While most acne patches are made with either hydrocolloid technology or salicylic acid, these contain both. The result? A super-concentrated treatment that minimizes the appearance of blemishes and breakouts in as little as eight hours (or overnight).

USER REVIEW: “BEST thing ever! These removed my pimples in one night! I use these every time I see a pimple coming or have a pimple, and they usually remove it almost 100%."

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patch

Our Score


WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT: On top of being discreet, effective, and affordable, reviewers love this K-beauty patch for its ability to securely fit over the contours of the face. We're talking even the hardest-to-reach spots like the chin, jawline, and nose.

USER REVIEW: "I must have bought these bad boys like eight times now. They don't fall off, conceal nicely on my face, and any acne spots are noticeably smaller by the end of the day. Compared to other brands, these are the best."

ZitSticka Killa Kit

Our Score


WHO IT'S FOR: If you have painful, early-stage zits, these patches are the way to go. Covered with dissolving microneedles that contain acne-treating ingredients like niacinamide, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid, they'll take care of cystic blemishes before they even become visible.

FROM THE EXPERTS: Unlike most patches, the Killa only takes two hours to work its magic, you don't have to leave them on all day.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

Our Score


WHY IT MADE THE LIST: Formulated with white willow bark and betaine salicylate, these K-beauty pimple patches can tame even the most inflamed blemishes. They're also water-resistant, which means they're practically summer-proof.

USER REVIEW: "These magical dots are my go-to when I have a pimple. They extract everything out of it if it's in the about-to-pop stage. Most of the time, depending on how severe the zit is, all that will be left in the morning is just a light red mark."

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch The Original

Our Score


WHAT IT DOES: Designed with 50% more gunk-absorbing power than other brands, these popular hydrocolloid stickers expertly extract pores of impurities, speed up healing time, and prevent future breakouts and scarring.

FROM THE EXPERTS: The Mighty Patch are strong indeed. According to the experts, they can shrink even the worst blemishes in as little as six hours.

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