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Top 10 Blackhead Removal Tools

The Best Blackhead Removers For A Quick And Easy Way To Clearer Skin

The Best Blackhead Removers For A Quick And Easy Way To Clearer Skin

About to use your fingers to attack that large, painful blackhead on your face? Stop right there! As you probably already know, picking and probing with your hands will only does more harm than good. While it may be tempting, all you really stand to gain is irritation, permanent scarring, discoloration, and possibly even more blackheads. The good news is with the right extractor tool, you can safely and effectively remove that pesky blackhead without causing any more damage to your skin. 

What’s the best blackhead remover? We’ll tell you. Using our data-driven algorithm to collect reviews, product ratings, editor recommendations, and best-seller lists, we’ve pulled together a list of the tops products for removing blackheads and blemishes. From professional stainless steel sets to the best pore vacuum to skin-scrubbing devices, each of the below tools promises to tackle a wide range of skin concerns for various skin types. Whether you suffer from constant flare-ups, an overly oily complexion, or a hormonal imbalance, when you use one of the following tried-and-true blackhead remover tools you'll be able to easily keep your skin clear and clean 

Ahead, discover the best blackhead removers and tools to buy in 2021, so the next time Mother Nature decides to grace your face with a troublesome blackhead or two, you’ll be ready to treat it properly—no fingers required. 

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April 29, 2021

Written By:Kate Ferris

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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The Rankings

Utopia Care Professional Blackhead and Blemish Remover
Rank & Style Approved


Utopia Care Professional Blackhead and Blemish Remover


BEST FOR: The slim, double-sided design makes this blackhead and blemish remover perfect for travel. Toss one in your purse, makeup bag, or carry-on so you can beat those huge blackheads right when they appear.

USERS SAID: “As soon as I received this, I went straight to my daughter to get the blackhead that I've been having to look at for weeks! This tool popped it right out and you can't even tell anything was there. Why did I wait this long to order this?!”

Poppyo Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum


WHY YOU NEED IT: Including five manual extractor tools and a pore vacuum with four different head attachments, this all-inclusive set is a total steal for under $30. You can use the stainless steel tools to tackle mature blemishes, then grab the vacuum to clean out any remaining oil and debris.

COMPLETE THE LOOK: For best results, use a facial steamer first so you can really open up those pores.

June Julien Blackhead Remover Vacuum


LOVED FOR: This $20 tool features a one-click design that toggles between five degrees of suction power. Even better? You can actually see the debris being sucked out of your skin as you work. Gross, but so satisfying.

HELPFUL TIP: The smallest suction head is perfect for hard-to-reach areas like around the nose.

JPNK Blackhead Remover Kit


LOVED FOR: This set comes with a variety of tools so you can effectively treat blemishes of all shapes and sizes. From huge blackheads to teeny pimples, it has all your bases covered.

USERS SAID: “I was super skeptical when I bought this product, but I use it around every other day and it has DRASTICALLY changed my acne game. Each tool is incredible, works, and lets me get these pesky things off my face in half the time.”

Amconsure Facial Steamer


WHAT IT DOES: This impressive set comes with a facial steamer that not only opens up your pores and unclogs bacteria, but it also provides you with a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Once you give your face some steam, you can tackle those blemishes with the five included stainless steel tools.

FUN FACT: The benefits of facial steaming go way beyond blemish busting. From exfoliation to anti-aging to better product absorption, this handy device can do so much for your skin.

Lonove Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner


BEST FOR: Removing whiteheads and blackheads is made simple and easy with this pore vacuum cleaner.

USERS SAID: “This blackhead remover has been working very well for me so far! I had a bad breakout a couple of days ago. After using this product just a couple of times so far, my face has been clearing up quickly!”

Bestope Pimple Extractor Kit


BEST FOR: Sensitive skin, these top-rated tools are for you. The hypoallergenic design means you won't need to worry about irritation or infection.

USERS SAID: “LOVE THESE!!! So many options to choose from. This is an amazing product, especially for the price. The pieces are sturdy and the casing is beautiful and easy to travel with. This is the best kit I’ve ever used.”

Anjou Pimple Extractor Kit


LOVED FOR: These high-quality, stainless steel tools are ideal for all user levels, from newbies to seasoned pros. 

FUN FACT: This set comes with a leather storage case and a built-in mirror for easy, everywhere use.

Pure Daily Care 3-In-1 Facial Steamer


WHAT IT DOES: This facial steamer not only infuses the skin with moisture to help prepare for extractions, but it also lays the groundwork for your products to work more efficiently, too.

USERS SAID: "I love using this Nano Steamer! Gives a good amount of hot steam, which helps open up my pores for easy blackhead/whitehead extraction. I tried a different brand facial steamer before and was completely unsatisfied - it barely gave any steam and wasn't hot enough. This Nano Steamer does exactly what it's supposed to do! It's almost like having a mini sauna at home. [...]" 

Dermaflash Dermapore Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser


WHAT IT DOES: While most skincare products require lots of time and patience to see results, this tool from Dermaflash is one that serves up instant gratification. Powered by ultrasonic skin scrubbing, it visibly removes all the icky dirt, oil, and blackheads currently clogging your pores. It also has an "infuse mode" that helps enhance the penetration of your favorite serums and moisturizers for a healthier-looking complexion overall.

WHY WE LOVE IT: "Once you see this pimple remover in action, you'll understand why everyone is going nuts over it. Basically, if clogged pores are a problem for you (me!) then this tool just might be your saving grace to clearer skin."—Meredith Rimmer, Managing Editor

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