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Top 10 Vitamin C Serums

The Vitamin C Serums That Reviewers Deem Most Effective And Worth Every Cent

The Vitamin C Serums That Reviewers Deem Most Effective And Worth Every Cent

When it comes to skincare essentials, few ingredients rank higher than vitamin C. The powerful antioxidant can singlehandedly stimulate collagen production, lift away dark spots, smooth fine lines, and protect the skin from scary free radicals that cause skin cancer and premature signs of aging—all while leaving you with your brightest, glowiest skin yet. Just like SPF, it's one of those ingredients that's non-negotiable no matter your skin type or age. With that in mind, we're bringing you a list of the absolute best vitamin C serums you can buy, but first: a few best practices and need-to-knows.

Using Vitamin C Serums

When To Use Them. One of the biggest FAQs about vitamin C is when it should be applied. Dermatologists have mixed views on this topic. While most believe it's best to use it in the morning when UV radiation is at its highest, others swear by nighttime use as this is when the skin's vitamin C is most depleted. No matter what time of day you choose to squeeze it into your routine, one thing the experts can all agree on is that how you apply your vitamin C serum is most important.

How To Use Them. For best results, vitamin C serum should be applied after cleansing and before moisturizing. But because it's highly unstable and doesn't play nicely with other ingredients, you should avoid using it at the same time as benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and niacinamide. It's totally okay to have one or more of these ingredients in your routine along with a vitamin C serum, but we recommend applying them at different times to avoid affecting the potency. For example, you can use one in the morning and one at night or even alternate days.

How To Store Them. Because vitamin C is so reactive, it can easily lose its antioxidant effect when exposed to heat, light, and air. To prevent it from oxidizing and deactivating, we recommend storing it in a cool, dark place and opting for products that come in airtight, opaque packages. Be sure to close the bottle tightly after each application, as leaving it open is a surefire way to let it go to waste.

How We Found The Best Vitamin C Serums

Now, on to the fun part. We rounded up this list of vitamin C serums using our data-driven algorithm that ranks and scores products based on best-selling buzz, editor recommendations, and rave reviews. In other words, you're only seeing the best vitamin C serums in the biz here. Whether you're looking for something with extra anti-aging power or a formula that works well with oily, acne-prone skin, we're bringing you the best options in every category below. Keep scrolling to shop the Top 10.

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January 31, 2022

Words:Kate Ferris

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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