Top 10 Brow Bone Highlighters

The Internet's Favorite Highlighters For Accentuating Brow Bones

The Internet's Favorite Highlighters For Accentuating Brow Bones

When it comes to putting on makeup, what you do with your eyebrows can make or break an entire look. If you get a little too passionate about tweezing, you’ll be left with little to no hairs to work with. Should you press down too hard with an eyebrow pencil, it may look as though you used a Sharpie marker instead. Forget to apply your setting gel and that perfectly feathered arch will disappear before lunchtime. It's safe to say the stakes are high when it comes to the space above the eyes. Hit every mark but something still seems to be off? If that’s the case, it may be time for you to get acquainted with brow bone highlighter.

It's a niche item for sure, but adding some shine to the area just below the tail end of each brow can provide the type of dimension and glowy payoff achieved by your favorite makeup artists. What makes brow bone highlighters even more appealing is that, like many other makeup products, they can be applied elsewhere on the face, such as along the waterlines and on the eyelids. Brow bone highlighters also come packaged in a variety of ways—jumbo pencils, pomades, and powders, to name a few. When shopping for a brow bone highlighter, aim for a shade that complements your skin tone and a finish that won’t clash with your personal makeup style. Your product of choice should also be easy to blend, whether you’re using an applicator or your fingers.

How We Found The Best Brow Bone Highlighters

If you’re new to brow bone highlighter and unsure where to begin your search, we’ve got you covered with a diverse list of products and price points. As always, we consulted our unbiased and ultra-smart algorithm for help. This proprietary tool selects products based on a spectrum of trustworthy data, including social media buzz, expert recommendations, and product reviews. Discover your new secret brow weapon below. 

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February 15, 2022

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