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How To Prevent Chapped Lips And A Sun-Burnt Pout

How To Prevent Chapped Lips And A Sun-Burnt Pout

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SPF is a non-negotiable step in any daily skincare routine. We're sure you've heard your dermatologist say it a million times, but you really should be wearing SPF every single day. We know it's easy to skip the sunscreen—after all, it gets quite a bad rap for leaving behind its greasy residue and unmistakable scent that lingers even after several spritzes of perfume. But trust us: you don't want to go without it, especially as we get deeper into the hot and sunny months ahead. However, while we heavily advocate for allover sunscreen application, there's one area of the body that's just as important but doesn't always get the love it needs: your lips

Lips are a thinner, much more sensitive part of the face, and they're extremely susceptible to sunburns (ouch!). Yet, they are one of the most neglected parts of the body when it comes to sunscreen application. Experts say that forgetting to apply SPF to the lips can lead to painful burns, sunspots, skin cancer, and premature aging—yikes. Fortunately, you need not slather your daily sunscreen all over your mouth—a tortuous and unnecessary route. Instead, just apply an SPF-packed lip balm. These simple yet effective formulas will keep your lips hydrated, soft, and protected. And as luck would have it, the protective lip balm options of today are so versatile, you'll probably forget you're even wearing one—we're talking everything from subtle splashes of color to reef-safe finds perfect for your beach bag. Ahead, we've rounded up all that and more in our list of the Top 10 SPF-packed lip balms on the web. Scroll ahead to shop the formulas that deserve a spot in your beauty bag this summer and every season after that too.

Our Method For Finding The Best Lip Balms With SPF

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April 6, 2021

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